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Founded in 2011 by Kieron Atkinson, who left the British Army after nine years’ active service to start a new career in English wine; the English Wine Project supports and champions English and Welsh wine to help improve the quality of its production across the U.K


Kieron completed the only UK wine production course and became Technical Advisor for the UK branch of the Rothschilds. By June 2011 Kieron had taken over the historic vineyard at Renishaw Hall in north Derbyshire, where he looks after the site and produces multiple award-winning wines, conducts wine tours and oversees the development of the wine product to bring it to today’s widening market.


In 2013 Kieron took on the lease of Welcombe Hills vineyard near Stratford upon Avon and looked after it for two years, during which he produced more medal winning wines from grapes grown there in the Avon Valley. Up to 2018, Kieron ran a bottling business successfully bottling over 3 million bottles of beverages whilst continuing to produce his own wines and advise new and existing vineyards on the establishment of new sites.



English Wine Expert

Experienced wine producer, vineyard manager and award-winning consultant wine maker with over a decade practical experience under his belt. A Plumpton graduate, Kieron also owned and managed a drinks bottling businesses.


Marketing Consultant

A highly experienced marketing consultant with over 15 years’ continual success in promoting wine, tourism, food and drink for global clients


Graphic Designer

A hugely talented graphic designer with over a decade’s experience focusing on brand development, design for print and website design


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